RE: [Not OT] localized names of the Unicode Control characters

From: Francois Yergeau (
Date: Fri May 30 2003 - 10:22:56 EDT

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    Kenneth Whistler wrote:
    > There is no reason in *principle* why the normative French
    > names could not also be published on the Unicode website,
    > but there is no easy way to coordinate that with the data
    > files of the Unicode Character Database (which are part of
    > particular versions of the Unicode Standard). Instead,
    > someone would have to design some other means of posting
    > them up.

    Such as adding ListeDesNoms.txt to the appropriate directory as soon as it
    is ready, after the release of a version of Unicode?

    > In case it isn't clear, the *normative* part is the
    > list of names *in* ISO/IEC 10646 (F). The ListeDesNoms.htm
    > is Patrick's translation of the Unicode data file
    > NameList.txt, including all the cross-references, and
    > various other informational comments, making use of
    > the normative French names from ISO/IEC 10646 (F).

    Which is true, but hides the fact that the normative French names actually
    come from this file. The file is mechanically processed to produce the
    various 10646(F) name lists, just as it is mechanically processed by Asmus
    to produce the French charts.


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