PUA usage (was RE: Announcement: New Unicode Savvy Logo)

From: Marco Cimarosti (marco.cimarosti@essetre.it)
Date: Fri May 30 2003 - 11:52:35 EDT

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    Philippe Verdy wrote:
    > This contrasts a lot with the Unicode codepoints assigned to
    > abstract characters, that are processable out of any
    > contextual stylesheet, font or markup system, where its only
    > semantic is in that case "private use" with no linguistic
    > semantic and no abstract character evidence, and all with the
    > same default character properties (including shamely the bidi
    > properties needed to render and layout the fonted text,

    In HTML, the default directionality of characters can be overridden with the
    BDO tag. E.g.:

            <BDO dir="rtl">hi!</BDO>

    This should displays as a RTL string, with "!" on the left side and "h" on
    the right side.

    The same can be achieved also in plain-text Unicode, using RLO, LRO and PDF:


            (U+202E U+0068 U+0069 U+0021 U+202C)


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