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Date: Sat May 31 2003 - 11:48:55 EDT

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    Ar 17:51 +0200 2003/05/29, scríobh Philippe Verdy:
    >I would prefer to say that Netscape 4.0 is dead, but Netscape 4.7x is not (I

    D'accord. (With the above I'd have to agree.)

    >see no reason why users should continue to use versions before 4.7, as the
    >4.7 >version fixed a lot of interoperability problems, including
    >cross-platform >compatibility with other Netscapes, plus many security


    >Netscape 6+ is still too new with its new operating model, and lacks the level

    Again - after some scary experiences with 6+ - yes, I'd have to agree.

    >However the recent versions of Netscape 7+ based on the new Mozilla Gecko
    >>engine include a lot of performance enhancements in the JavaScript

    Really? Most mail I get seems to be generated by MicroSoft Office slaves.

    >Only stable parts of the development are optimized, to avoid creating
    >>unmaintainable source code.

    There you lose me, as I do not comprehend the above sentence - could you
    rephrase it, perhaps?

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