Re: [OT] Unicode filename problems

From: Raymond Mercier (
Date: Sat May 31 2003 - 13:21:16 EDT

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    Before I am accused of being altogether OT I will try to answer a couple of

    >>The name of the ZIP archive is not relevant: you don't really need to
    internationalize it, and can restrict it to ASCII with a classic .zip or
    .jar extension.

    Someone using the Chinese or Russian Win2000 would naturally name files
    with Chinese or Russian characters. He hasn't chosen to "internationalize".
    He just has a right to function within that part of the Unicode universe of
    filenames that he happens to occupy.

    >>Zip files should have no problems to contain files with UTF-8 names.
    For example a Cyrillic filename U+444.doc, becomes in
    UTF-8 ΏΡ„.doc. Neither is accepted by WInzip.

    In writing a program like Winzip there is barrier to the use of fileopening
    routines with wide-byte characters. All the API routines are defined so as
    accept that. It is just that programmers have been rather lazy about it.


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