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Date: Sat May 31 2003 - 13:40:37 EDT

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    Marion Gunn scripsit:

    > Ulster has 9 counties (3 south of NI's border, 6 north): I must ask if JC
    > is personally proposing to reduce Ulster to 2/3, expressing a radically
    > new USA policy, or broadcasting for Reuters (some of us lay odds on the 3rd
    > option)?

    No, no, and no. I was using the term in a loose and conventional fashion
    to refer to the portion of the U.K. on the island of Ireland, as many
    people do, and as you knew perfectly well.

    As for my employer, why don't you drop the letter "E" from your company
    name, since it raises expectations that are no longer justified?

    But that, he realized, was a foolish            John Cowan
    thought; as no one knew better than he
    that the Wall had no other side.      
            --Arthur C. Clarke, "The Wall of Darkness"

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