Re: Unicode-compliant email manager on XP system

From: Christopher John Fynn (
Date: Mon Jun 02 2003 - 11:55:05 EDT

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    "Rick McGowan" <>

    > James Do wrote:
    > > Outlook Express is superb with Unicode
    > Hmmm, so it's different from MS Outlook? I'm not sure I get
    it. I thought
    > Express was just a watered-down version of Outlook itself.

    No Outlook and Outlook Express though they look similar are
    quite different.

    Outlook, which is bundled with MS Office Professional, seems to
    be primarily designed to work with Microsoft Exchange on a
    corporate network.

    Outlook Express, which comes with IE, has some features which
    Outlook doesn't have and lacks a few which Outlook has. Overall
    it's much easier to use and doesn't cause the problems which
    Outlook does - and it's very good with Unicode text.

    > The main problem with Outlook that I think Karljuergen is
    referring to has
    > to do with those darned "winmail.dat" blobs. It doesn't seem
    possible, in
    > my experience, to set up these MS mailers to _not_ send the
    > winmail.dat blob. Can't that be turned off?? People who use
    other mailers
    > can't decode the attachments because they're not standard

    Using Outlook or MS Word to send "rich" email resuts in
    "winmail.dat" blobs being sent - but Outlook Express does not
    seem to generate these as it uses HTML and multi-part MIME.

    - Chris

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