Re: Unicode filename problems

From: Edward H Trager (
Date: Mon Jun 02 2003 - 13:33:08 EDT

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    >> Everything works very well except that I cannot burn the files onto a
    >> CD because of the unicode values in the filenames. Roxio and Nero
    >> CD-burners don't accept some of the higher values found in the file names (using
    >> Jolliet, ISO9600 and UDF). Anyone have any ideas how to deal with this?
    >> For example, a filename with unicode value 026B, a tilde lower case L,
    >> causes problems.
    > Hi, Peter,
    > I did a test burning of over 40 UTF-8 file names in seven different
    > scripts (Arabic, Simplified & Traditional Chinese, Greek, Japanese,
    > Latin, and Thai) to a CD in ISO9660 format with both Rockridge (Unix)
    > and Joliet (MS) extensions using Joerg Schilling's Open Source "mkisofs"
    > and "cdrecord" version 2.0 tools
    > (
    > on Linux (SuSE 7.3).
    > The resulting CD preserved the UTF-8 filenames perfectly: I could view
    > the file names using both "ls" from mlterm (
    > and from the Mozilla browser when run under a UTF-8 locale (en_US.UTF-8)
    > on Linux.
    > The file names did not appear correct on Windows though, but I think
    > this is only because I don't know how to set the locale properly on
    > Windows 2000.

    UPDATE: I just tested the UTF-8 filename CD I made earler today on Apple
    OS-X and it works perfectly there too. File names appear exactly as they
    are supposed to in the Apple Finder. So recording on Linux using
    mkisofs/cdrecord v. 2.0 appears to be a correct solution for viewing
    UTF-8 filename CDs on least Apple OS-X and Linux. This bolsters my belief
    that it should work on Windows too, although that still requires
    verification. ...

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