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Date: Mon Jun 02 2003 - 13:46:19 EDT

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    "William Overington" <> wrote on 06/02/2003
    12:19:10 PM:

    > They have a better chance of having a font to use if the
    > characters are added into an existing font which already has many other
    > characters in it

    > So, if they look at fonts such as, for example,
    > Code2000, Gentium and Junicode and observe which Private Use Area code
    > points are already in use within that font, then choose code points for
    > rare extinct latin letters which code points are not used in the fonts at
    > which they look, then the chances of getting their chosen characters
    > implemented in those fonts will be increased.

    I can't speak for Code2000 and Junicode, but the use of PUA in Gentium is
    guided solely by the needs of SIL and those with whom we have close working

    > For example, considering my own Quest text font. If Ai and Bi choose to
    > place their characters in the U+E7.. block or the U+EB.. block, then I
    > not implement them in Quest text. However, if they place them in the
    > block, then I might well try to have a go at adding them in.

    Fine. Please continue that discussion offline with the individuals
    interested in those characters.

    > So, instead of simply sending a private email
    > response I posted to the mailing list in the hope that the readers of
    > forum might like to help the process along of helping the gentleman be
    > to use those rare extinct latin letters which interest him, in a
    > manner.

    He doesn't need the help of this list as a whole. If he would like to get
    help from individuals on this list, he can certainly ask for it. You, on
    the other hand, are ever making it the business of this list to help people
    with PUA usage, even when they haven't indicated desire for such help.

    > >Your question seems to be assuming the community of Unicode users at
    > can share agreements on PUA assignments,
    > Well, surely they can if they choose to do so.

    They do not, and cannot.

    > Please note that I am not
    > saying should, must, will or whatever: you used the word "can" and I
    > about "can".

    I am using the word "cannot".

    > I accept that that assumption needs to be made in generalized theoretical
    > considerations, yet in a practical situation of trying to get a few
    > characters added into one or more existing fonts, it is highly relevant
    > know which code points are already in use

    For all intents and purposes, they all are.

    > and which are not already in use
    > in a selection of fonts

    If the question were only in relation to a specific selection of fonts, all
    you would need to do is inspect those fonts; you don't need to ask the
    list. And if the people interested in these characters care about those
    fonts, then let them look, or talk to the developers of those fonts if they
    feel the need.

    > > (And I can assure you that somebody has their own usefor F200..F2FF.)
    > Well, unless it is a secret or confidential it would be helpful if you
    > please say what it is

    It would be impossible to tell you of every private use of F200.F2FF. I can
    tell you that SIL is using them for various Latin characters that are not
    yet encoded in Unicode, but unless someone is engaged in interchange of
    information with SIL authors or planning to do so, that's irrelevant. I had
    planned on sending *a single notice* to this list once I had our current
    assignments documented and published on the web, but your obsession with
    others' PUA assignments is making me think twice. I have no intent of
    making long-winded discussions involving SIL usage of the PUA one more
    thing members of this list get subjected to against their wishes.

    - Peter

    Peter Constable

    Non-Roman Script Initiative, SIL International
    7500 W. Camp Wisdom Rd., Dallas, TX 75236, USA
    Tel: +1 972 708 7485

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