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From: Kent Karlsson (
Date: Mon Jun 02 2003 - 15:25:08 EDT

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    > > The empty set symbol is a math symbol, not expected to ever occur
    > > in a word-like context. Capital O with stroke, however, is a
    > > letter, and can easily and without any problems occur in a word-like
    > Which is exactly why it would be a terrible choice to indicate null in
    > phonetic transcription

    I don't understand this argument. It does not make sense to me.
    (See also Ken's latest e-mail on this, where an example of the use
    of epsilon for a linguistic "zero" is mentioned.)

    > > IPA and other phonetic writings are AFAIK always lowercase
    > Utterly wrong. Uppercase vowel symbols (**including **) have
    > been used in Americanist phonetics to indicate voiceless vocoids;

    In such cases it would be a terrible choice to use the EMPTY SET
    for denoting a linguistic "zero" of any kind, since in print one may not
    be able to distinguish one of the vowels from a linguistic "zero".

    > Capitals C and V are
    > regularly used to denote generic consonant and vowel.

    Then they are used as variables; not phonetic letters.

    > Please abandon any suggestion of using U+00D8 to indicate
    > null categories in linguistic transcriptions.

    I have seen no indication that using U+00D8 for this would be an error.
    (Not even from Ken, who otherwise provide excellent motivations; and
    indeed provided another example where a letter (epsilon) is used for a
    morphological "zero".)

                    /kent k

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