Re: IPA Null Consonant

Date: Wed Jun 04 2003 - 15:29:54 EDT

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    Philippe Verdy wrote on 06/04/2003 11:29:14 AM:

    > > no variation sequence < 2205, FE00 > defined. Somebody needs to tell
    > > author(s) of this page that they can't make up their own
    > > sequences.
    > Yes they can: this is a private agreement which is valid only in
    > their context: MathML

    What people do in their bedrooms behind closed doors isn't the business of
    the Unicode Consortium, but publicly, the Unicode Consortium will tell you
    that they are not allowed to define their own VS sequences and claim
    conformance with the Unicode Standard. MathML is a public context, and I
    would assume that the developers of MathML have every intent of maintaining
    conformance with Unicode.

    > (note that this is still not a recommandation,
    > but a proposal). It will become a Unicode approved sequence if there
    > are requests for use of such sequence in a finalized MathML
    > specification, and in other general contexts (such as language

    Well, it does require an additional step: action on the part of UTC.

    > They can be used both in proposals and experimentally, with a
    > private agreements between authors of a proposal...

    There may be no way to prevent it, but such usage is not considered

    - Peter

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