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Date: Thu Jun 05 2003 - 02:15:02 EDT

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    Let's not discuss these issues here.

    William Overington wrote:
    > Tex Texin wrote as follows.
    > > Marion, It is very easy to start your own list at
    > >
    > > You can create lists for 3166, as well as for hiberno-english etc.
    > >
    > > Other Unicode folks have created specialized lists for their own purposes.
    > A feature of Yahoo groups is the Yahoo rules about intellectual property
    > rights regarding postings and also the indemnity rules.
    > As regards intellectual property rights, if someone posts then if later he
    > or she wishes to publish a book and the publisher asks if any person or
    > company owns any intellectual property rights in relation to the material in
    > the book, then the answer might properly be, yes, Yahoo. That then may mean
    > that exclusive rights cannot be assigned to a publisher and then the
    > publisher cannot make a claim against anyone for infringement of copyright
    > because the publisher does not have exclusive rights. I am not a lawyer,
    > yet I do urge caution as to what intellectual property rights problems may
    > be caused if one posts in a Yahoo group, which do not occur if one posts in
    > this forum.
    > There is also the indemnity rule. It appears that if someone posts in a
    > Yahoo group and someone somewhere claims against Yahoo, then the poster and
    > maybe the person who started the group are liable to Yahoo for expenses,
    > including lawyers fees. There appears to be a danger that if someone made
    > even a wild, spurious claim in a court and Yahoo needed nevertheless to
    > defend it lest it win by not being answered, then the person who starts the
    > Yahoo group could be liable for the cost of Yahoo's lawyers.
    > William Overington
    > 5 June 2003

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