tamazight/berber language

From: azzedine.aitkhelifa@club-internet.fr
Date: Fri Jun 06 2003 - 09:06:22 EDT

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    Chris Jacobs wrote:
    > Depends on how much text you need.
    > If it is just a few words then getting an unipad from
    > http://www.unipad.org/ would be enough.
    > You can copy and paste the chars from it.
    > If this is not enought than have a look at
    > http://www.tavultesoft.com/keyman/

            Hello again,

            For answering your interesting question,

            I don't need an unicode editor (copy paste solution).
            I alrady have a form (see attached file), and it work fine and we use it since several month in portal web site http://www.kabyle.com (you can see Tamazight pages http://www.kabyle.com/tamazight.php3).
            At this time I'm looking for a generic way to write tamazight in severall document (mail, office documents, web forum). I have a good information : I need to create a standard keyboard layout.

            Some notes, tamazight "alphabet" (I don't know the word in english) is not my alphabet, but a standard but unofficial alphabet. It's seem it's yet unofficial for political/ideological reasons : alle the states of north africa were islamo-baasist (baas parti like in iraq, syrie, egypt .....). But it use well at this time.

            Best regards,


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