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From: Edward H Trager (
Date: Mon Jun 09 2003 - 12:16:19 EDT

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    Hi, Abdij,

    To say "all languages" is incredibly vague! Your earlier email (excerpt
    quoted below) specified nine languages using three major scripts (unified
    Chinese Hanzi/Japanese Kanji, Latin/extended Latin, and Japanese
    Hiragana/Katakana). Tahoma definitely does not cover the East Asian
    scripts, and neither does Arial.

    Bitstream Cyberbit covers a large number of scripts. Code 2000 covers a
    large number of non-Han scripts. A page introducting these two and other
    "bare necessity" Unicode fonts is:

    A much more comprehensive treatment of Unicode fonts may be found at:

    If your product is a commercial product, you should really investigate
    what is available from the commercial font vendors.

    One (free) tool that will allow you to investigate what blocks of Unicode
    are actually covered in a font file is:

    > On Mon, 9 Jun 2003, Jain, Pankaj (MED, TCS) wrote:
    > Try Arial UnicodeMS font which support almost all the languages,
    > Pankaj
    > -----Original Message-----
    > From: Abdij Bhat []
    > Hi,
    > I want one font to be used across all languages. Is it possible? For
    > example, I want Tahoma to be used for all languages for all OS. Does
    > Tahoma
    > support this?
    > Thanks and Regards,
    > Abdij Bhat
    > Kshema Technologies
    > Phone:+91 80 860 3600 (Extension 2102)
    > Fax: +91 80 860 3372

    > We have a GUI software that is running on win NT/2K/XP/95/98/ME. The
    > software is developed using Visual Studio 6 and has a common source code
    > base for all supported Win OS.
    > The GUI is to be internationalized. The minimum language support of the
    > GUI
    > software are Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese,
    > Portuguese,
    > Spanish, UK Eng.

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