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Date: Thu Jun 12 2003 - 09:20:42 EDT

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    On 2003.03.05, 07:58, Radovan Garabik <>

    >> In the Slovak orthography, the lowercase d, l and t are normally written
    >> with the 'apostrophe' form of the accent.
    > but only the printed version, not in handwriting
    > In fact, the apostrophe form is used because there is a lack of
    > convenient space to put carons over "tall" letters d,t,l, whereas
    > there is no problem with n,e,r.

    In short, just like the allowed accentless capitals in French or the
    comma-cedilla in Roumanian, this is a case of technical contraints
    limiting the ideal orthography, lead typesetting and mechanical
    typewrinting imposing limitations and suggesting kludges.

    Strange that now, when finnally there are technical and informational
    tools to achieve "perfection", this is viewed as a mistake and the old
    kludges, made traditional, are seen as correct and prefered to the
    idealized forms (nonetheless extant in handwriting).

    Quite a pity. IMHO, "we" should acknowledge that Unicode is not only a
    great tool for representing the (up to now) current typographic reality
    but also that it opens to the users a new space of typographical and
    othographical improvement, allowing emancipation from 200 of technical

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