RE: [OT] No more IE for Mac

From: Carl W. Brown (
Date: Sun Jun 15 2003 - 10:39:43 EDT

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    > I disagree with Philippe's message in that I think that it is based on
    > Microsoft's determination to follow the idea that browsers are not
    > applications but part of the OS.

    To clarify my statement.

    I think Philippe's message was appropriate to this forum. It was far more
    pertinent to Unicode that many messages that drift off subject.

    Secondly I think that there was also some miscommunication of what we were
    trying to say. We may in fact be closer to agreeing than my original

    I was speaking to the fact that under the covers MS will be able to make a
    more unique browser. I am sure that because of intranet applications we
    will see many MS only features that are for Windows users. This will be for
    applications that use a browser as a thin client. This may make Unicode
    implementations easier for Office and other products. Traditional GUI
    applications are designed for English applications with extensions for other
    languages. Yes you can write them but developers really have do deal with a
    lot of font issues, line and word breaking etc. that browsers will handle
    for them.

    On the other hand MS may be forced to comply with W3C standards for real web
    development if there is more competition.

    I hope that Apple develops a competitive browser with great Unicode support.


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