[OT] OSX's bad Arabic support (was RE: [OT] No more IE for Mac)

From: Theodore H. Smith (delete@elfdata.com)
Date: Mon Jun 16 2003 - 06:32:31 EDT

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    >> I hope that Apple develops a competitive browser with great Unicode
    >> support.
    > Apple has already done so, though I still like OmniWeb very much. :-)

    I'm not sure if Apple's Unicode support is perfect. The OS has strange
    issues STILL with reverse direction text (Arabic, Hebrew). In fact, I'm
    embarassed my favourite OS still can't handle Arabic properly.

    Windows has been doing it perfectly for 5 years, and Apple STILL hasn't
    fixed their bugs.

    I've reported these bugs formally via their bug reporting system, but
    no change as of yet. I'm not sure they'll EVER change it. Perhaps
    Middle eastern users don't matter to Apple.

    In case you are wondering, the issues are many, but to give an idea,
    includes stuff like graphical erasure, insertion points displayed at
    the wrong place, inability to click the insertion point on the correct
    character, inability to select the right string of text via the mouse,
    occasional crashing with Arabic, etc.

    Actually Arabic displays in Safari OK. It just doesn't select OK.
    Entering one line of Arabic into Safari is OK, but multi lines give
    some of those bugs I mentioned.

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