Re: Arabic script web site hosting solution for all platforms

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Wed Jun 18 2003 - 11:07:07 EDT

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    From: "Theodore H. Smith" <>
    > > Excessive cross-posting to multiple newsgroups, forums and list
    > > servers is considered bulk (and also opposed to the netiquette). As
    > > this message is targetting a too large audience and out of topic, and
    > > is also a commercial ad, I can say that bulk+unsollicitated makes it
    > > fully qualifiable as SPAM.
    > No. I'd say spam also needs to be untargeted.

    All anti-spam groups do not consider the "targeted" term applicable
    to qualify what is or is not spam. Only the "unsollicitated" is more
    appropriate and verifiable.

    I'm not sure that his message for Arabic support was correctly
    targeted when sent to WEFT users (because it uses technics that
    are not related to WEFT), or Sindhi, Urdu and Afghan computing
    communities (despite the ressemblance of the scripts this is not
    exactly the same language, and nothing indicates in the message
    a specific support for Sindhi, Urdu or Pashto languages).

    Also, the message was sent to the Microsoft Volt community
    which works on things related to Glyphs in OpenType fonts
    and Uniscribe processing for text layout (very unrelated to current
    Unicode works). So it is quite too large as "targeted" communities
    are too large, and the posted messages should have been specific
    to each community, showing which part of the project was interesting
    for each community. So the main problem was excessive cross-
    posting to unrelated groups or lists, without any attempt to make
    each post on-topic to each of them.

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