Re: Chinese "departing" tone marks

Date: Fri Jun 20 2003 - 09:28:12 EDT

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    Andrew C. West wrote on 06/20/2003 03:59:10 AM:

    > I noticed that in Yuan Jiahua's authoritative overview of Chinese
    > _Hanyu Fangyan Gaiyao_ (2nd ed., 1980), he uses left-stemmed mirrors of
    > ordinary right-stemmed tone marks to indicate tone sandhi, the unmutated
    > having a right stem, immediately followed by the mutated tone with aleft

    Just so -- these left vs. right stems are distinct for Chinese linguists,
    which is why I have planned to proposed five left-stemmed tone letters.

    > (I can send you a scan off-list if you want). The examples he gives
    > marks that look identical to U+02EA and U+02EB, as well as many
    > other left- and
    > right-stemmed tone marks that are not currently encoded in Unicode. Are
    > the subject of your proposal by any chance ?

    Hard to say without seeing them, but if they are simply contours, then
    those are already supported in Unicode by means of ligatures of the five
    already there. If it's something else, go ahead and send me the scan (with
    bibliographic details, please); if it's just contours, then I've got

    - Peter

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