Re: Chinese "departing" tone marks

Date: Fri Jun 20 2003 - 10:27:34 EDT

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    "Andrew C. West" <> wrote on 06/20/2003
    09:14:35 AM:

    > It hadn't occurred to me that these contoured tone marks could be
    > represented in
    > Unicode by means of ligatures. Are there any fonts that currently support
    > ligatures ?

    The bigger question is, can your software access the ligatures? We're we're
    working on a font that supports the ligatures using either OpenType or
    Graphite, hoping to having have it out around August. (You can get a peek
    at an alpha -- the page says beta, but against my better judgment -- at
     I think this build has OT and Graphite tables, but am not positive.)

    - Peter

    Peter Constable

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