Re: Biblical Hebrew (Was: Major Defect in Combining Classes of Tibetan Vowels)

Date: Fri Jun 27 2003 - 05:53:33 EDT

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    Kenneth Whistler wrote on 06/26/2003 05:36:34 PM:

    > But in the 10646 WG2 context... You can always come in
    > with the proposal to encode BIBLICAL HEBREW POINT PATAH and
    > say, even though the glyph is identical, see, the name is
    > different, so the character is different. But this is a pretty
    > thin disguise, and is vulnerable to simple questioning:
    > What is it for? Well, to point Biblical Hebrew texts. But
    > what was U+05B7 HEBREW POINT PATAH for? Well, to point Biblical
    > Hebrew texts (or any Hebrew text, for that matter...). Well,
    > then, what is the difference? Uh, the combining classes for
    > the two are different. What is a combining class?

    If they're so unaware of combining classes, might it not seem reasonable
    to think the the dialog might continue as follows?

    - [gives explanation of combining classes and the related problem for
    ISO: So, you're saying you're coming to us asking for duplicates of
    existing characters because of an error the Unicode Consortium made with
    some of those character properties they define?
    - Well, yes, that's basically it.
    ISO: Then, obviously they need to correct their errors. I mean, it's not
    like the wrong characters got encoded or something. Tell them to just fix
    the errors; that can't be difficult to do, and is obviously the right
    thing to do.

    - Peter

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