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From: Ben Dougall (
Date: Sun Jul 06 2003 - 13:14:00 EDT

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    from what little i know about this sort of thing characters have
    direction attached to them and the first character in a sequence
    dictates the prevailing / main direction, so if a char that is a right
    to left char starts then that should be the established norm throughout
    that text, so what you describe below does not look good.

    maybe this list would be helpful:

    On Sunday, July 6, 2003, at 03:33 pm, Theodore H. Smith wrote:

    > Hi people,
    > I'm having a real headache trying to code for Arabic/Hebrew text
    > editing for the Mac. I'm developing a generalised editfield, of course
    > I'd like it to edit Japanese too, but Japanese can run in the English
    > direction, so that makes it a lot simpler!
    > I really am in need of some kind of forum or group with programmers
    > specialising in Arabic or Hebrew development on the Mac. I am running
    > into problems that seem very hard to solve, especially with the lack
    > of information and coverage on this.
    > The problem may be conceptual, I am having a hard time visualising
    > ATSUI's (MacOS's unicode display/edit API) modelling sometimes. I'm
    > finding in fact visualising reverse direction text a headache.
    > Especially seeing as I haven't seen code for working with it like a
    > proper text editor should do, yet.
    > Things like how does the paragraph selection work? This I find really
    > very awkward... Heres an example (pretend these numbers and letters
    > are Arabic, \r means return, ignore the spaces):
    > In RAM: 12356789 \r abcdefg \r xyz
    > Screen: 987654321 \r gfedcba \r zyx
    > So if I select the onscreen from 2 to \r, which looks perfectly in
    > order, then I am actually selecting a discontinuous range! But that
    > doesn't seem right! There should be no need to, right? Is an arabic
    > UTF document really backwards? So the first character in an arabic UTF
    > document is actually the last onscreen?
    > What really is going on here? What should be going on? Is my example
    > wrong? I really can't do any coding on reverse direction text till I
    > work out how these paragraphs are meant to be working. Its all really
    > rather twisted to me.
    > I do appreciate the problems here, in fact I made a theoretical
    > exploration and found that if we ordered in visual order instead of
    > logical, we'd just get a different set of headaches, not really less.
    > Such is computing for real-world problems!
    > Reply directly to me if you can please? At
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    > Theodore H. Smith - Macintosh Consultant / Contractor.
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