Re: The character for 10**24 in Japanese numbers (jo)

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Date: Sun Jul 06 2003 - 18:29:44 EDT

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    That looks right to me! Is that the intended use for that character?

    Also, I wonder what the correct thing to recommend would be?
    Assuming surrogate support was consistently available, and fonts were
    available containing this character (are there any today?), since the
    character was not generally being written as a single character until now (and
    I am still not sure if the pair U+79BE U+4E88 is the correct alternative),
    would it be right to recommend this for people to use in number writing going
    forward? I tend to think of Ext. B as there for historic and special
    characters, not those that might be used every day.

    tex wrote:
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    > Tex Texin wrote,
    > > Apparently JIS didn't have a character for jo. It looks something like the
    > > pair: U+79BE U+4E88.
    > >
    > > Is there a single character for jo in Unicode?
    > How about U+25771 ?
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    > James Kass
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