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From: Steve Vernon (
Date: Mon Jul 07 2003 - 11:30:57 EDT

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    Any help would be appreciated. Not sure if I should send to a MySQL
    list, or this one ( I didn't want to cross post), so sorry if not
    applicable. If this is not ok to ask in this group, can someone tell me

    Because from what I understand, MySQL supports unicode, but various
    features including ordering are not fully implemented which the website
    my company is developing needs. The website will be launched soon, and I
    believe the version of MySQL with the full Unicode support will not be
    available in time.

    Therefore I am going live with Western European encoding, which will
    suffice for the moment.

    I was just wondering if I do go live with Western European, is there, or
    will there be some sort of conversion tool or function to convert the

    Or would I need to export the entire database to a text file, convert
    the encoding of the text file. Then convert the tables to unicode, and
    then re-import the data. Because the database will be over 2 gig (using
    MyISAM Raid so MySQL can support this), this will not be easy, as I will
    have to export parts, convert parts, and then re-import them.




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