Re: French group separators

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Mon Jul 07 2003 - 14:45:26 EDT

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    On Monday, July 07, 2003 8:27 PM, Frank da Cruz <> wrote:
    > I vaguely recall seeing this same discussion play out some years ago.
    > EMACS aside, it's still an interesting question why -- in English at
    > least -- it was customary thoughout the 20th century to put two
    > spaces after a period when typing. I expect it must have been an
    > aesthetic decision. What else could it have been?

    Emacs is so much customized by its users and adepts that it includes
    various language modes and formatting preferences that satisfy this
    recognizing of sentences according to user needs.

    This old convention is not used in the French mode of Emacs... despite
    it can use the same keyboard commands, mouse commands and lisp
    functions to select sentences according to its current working mode...

    -- Philippe.

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