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From: Allen Haaheim (
Date: Tue Jul 08 2003 - 01:19:49 EDT

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    >I do the same thing: I compress all blanks with an invariable and
    >automatic search&replace... before actually formatting

    Me too. Only a small minority of the papers I edit come with two spaces
    anyway, so it's less work to replace the double with single spaces. As well,
    the single space looks better. I'm not sure though if I'm just a
    majoritarianist or if Plato or Aristotle is secretly telling me what to do.

    The Chicago Manual, 14th edition doesn't seem to specify anything on this.
    (They are due for a new edition)

    Once, boiling beans while bean-stalks fed the flame,
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    --attributed to Ts'ao Chih (192-232)

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