Re: Yerushala(y)im - or Biblical Hebrew

From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Tue Jul 08 2003 - 13:01:42 EDT

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    On 08/07/2003 09:26, Ted Hopp wrote:

    >Also, there are missing letters and there are missing letters. There are
    >cases of a single text (e.g., Holzhausen Bible of 1889, Lowe and Brydone
    >Bible of 1948, as documented by Yannis Haralambous) where the "missing
    >letters" in some words are simply not present in the representation and the
    >vowels are placed on the consonants that do appear (not only Yerushala(y)im,
    >but also "ke(ch)o(l )asher" in Ezekiel 9:11, for instance, where the kaf is
    >combined with a dagesh, sheva, holam, and tipcha),...
    This sequence, although interesting for the discussion, is in fact not a
    problem for Unicode, as this ordering is both the logical one and the
    canonical one, except for the position of the dagesh which is a problem
    with all dageshes.

    >... while the missing letters
    >in other words are denoted by an asterisk, space, or other visible device
    >(in one, case, an isolated dagesh with a tsere and mapach in BHS, Isaiah
    This looks to me like a final nun with dagesh, vowel and cantillation.
    Anomalous, but not an encoding problem. Final kaf regularly takes dagesh
    and vowel.

    >... So even if Unicode had a code point
    >for "MISSING LETTER", it wouldn't be usable for both Yerushala(y)im and for
    >the 30 or so cases of visual indications of missing letter in Tanakh that
    >are documented by Haralambous.
    I know I have seen this list somewhere, but can you remind us of the
    reference and if possible the URL?

    Peter Kirk

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