Re: French group separators, was Re: The character for 10**24 i nJapanesenumbers (jo)

From: Jim Allan (
Date: Tue Jul 08 2003 - 17:09:21 EDT

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    Philippe Verdy posted:

    > And U+2007 is certainly a better space to use after an sentence-ending
    > dot or exclamation/interrogation point, for typesetting usage or in
    > HTML and XML documents when a large space is intended by the author.

    Not quite.

    Remember, U+2007 is a non-breaking space.

    Use at the end of a sentence would prevent line-breaking between
    sentences, unless we follow it by U+200B ZERO WIDTH SPACE (or some other
    breaking space).

    Even if this were done, I wonder if most software would understand
    U+2007 or other non-breaking spaces as spaces for the purpose of
    full-justification or right-justification and hide them when they would
    otherwise appear at column right position.

    Jim Allan

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