Re: Combining diacriticals and Cyrillic

From: Jungshik Shin (
Date: Thu Jul 10 2003 - 07:57:30 EDT

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    On 10 Jul 2003 wrote:

    > One of the ideas is to invent a new ASCII-based encodings,
    > containing the accented characters we need. This would introduce

      Please, no more "new legacy" character ! :-)

    > Generally I beleive it would be best to invent a Unicode based solution.

      Absolutely, You don't even have to 'invent' anything.

    > Such a solution is for example, combining diacritical signs with the
    > cyrillic symbols.

       They're encoded for this kind of use.

    > I composed a demo page:

      With Code2000, your page is rendered by Konqueror 3.x under Linux
    as well as your 'most beautiful' screenshot. I guess Safari for Mac OS
    X would give you the best result. KWrite and other KDE tools can handle
    multiple stacks of diacritic marks.

    > Is it possible somehow to improve this approach? I imagine eg.,
    > if the font can provide prepared combined symbols whenever the
    > application asks for a combined cyrillic+diacritical, instead of
    > leaving the application to do the combination.

       Try the following and other sites on opentype fonts, AAT(Apple
     Advanced Typography), ATSUI, Graphite, Pango, Uniscribe.

    > Do you see other unicode based approach to the Bulgarian problem?

       You took the 'right' path. It's not just Bulgarian but other
    European languages written in Latin, Cyrillic and Greek have the
    same issue.

    > Do you beleive the approach should be looked for outside Unicode?



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