Re: 24th Unicode Conference - Atlanta, GA - September 3-5, 2003

From: Tim Greenwood (
Date: Thu Jul 10 2003 - 11:44:57 EDT

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    > And the likelihood that a software industry conference will be held in a
    > village is?
    > And the likelihood that the location on an industry conference would be
    > expressed in terms of a not-well-known suburb that one needs to spend a
    > long researching lists to find, rather than the major-city name?

    The point is not that any potential attendee would actually travel to the wrong place. It is that advertising the 24th conference as Atlanta, GA but the 23rd as Prague, Czech Republic is part of  a cultural arrogance in the USA. It is similar to calling a national (plus Canada) sporting championship a World Series and calling the President of the USA the 'leader of the free world'. Those in our field should be the last to embrace this and to their credit Tex and the commitee did make the change immediately it was pointed out.

    - Tim (back in the i18n business again)

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