Re: Ligatures in Turkish and Azeri, was: Accented ij ligatures

From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Thu Jul 10 2003 - 15:46:59 EDT

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    On 10/07/2003 11:37, Kenneth Whistler wrote:

    >At Peter pointed out, however, it is neither expected or reasonable
    >to have to go back through and drop in ZWNJ's at every relevant
    >location in existing Turkish or Azeri text, simply to prevent
    >fi ligation. Such use of ZWNJ is intended to be exceptional,
    >to deal with special cases.
    >The general solutions depend either on use of fonts (or more
    >generally, renderers) which block such ligation across the
    >board. It is my understanding that modern font technologies
    >allow the choice of ligation to essentially be a style selection
    >for the font. How well various applications take advantage
    >of that and make the choice available easily to end users may
    >be an open issue still, but the fundamental pieces to do this
    >correctly are available.
    Thank you, Ken. I think you get my point. I am not so interested in
    character level mechaisms for disabling the ligature as in higher level
    features. But I guess I am really thinking in terms of markup, so
    outside the domain of Unicode, which might disable ligation.

    Peter Kirk

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