Re: Combining diacriticals and Cyrillic

From: John Cowan (
Date: Sat Jul 12 2003 - 01:34:16 EDT

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    Jungshik Shin scripsit:

    > > I don't know why UniScribe is not always installed by default,
    > > as it is also useful for Latin, Greek and Cyrillic (the regional
    > Add Korean to the list. After making a Korean opentype font,
    > I was confused because it worked fine inside font editing tools,
    > but it didn't work with MS IE and Mozilla under Win2k (although I
    > had heard that Korean OTFs shipped with Korean version of MS Office
    > XP worked well with MS IE.).

    MS products have yet to recognize that Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic are
    complex-rendering scripts.

    > > better named "Support for text rendering using Unicode combining
    > > sequences", or just "Support for UniScribe and OpenType fonts" with
    > This is a very good suggestion.


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