Re: Ligatures in Portuguese, French (was: ... Turkish and Azeri)

From: Jim Allan (
Date: Sun Jul 13 2003 - 14:50:07 EDT

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    John Cowan posted:

    > Not just mediaeval text; "&c." for "etc." (= "et cetera") was common
    > right through the 19th century if not later.

    The combination _&c_ is still used. Search for "&c" in for

    But in mentioning medieval use I was thinking of use of the ampersand as
    a replacement for _et_ in words where _et_ is not the Latin word _et_.

    An article I read some years back discussed a medieval listing and
    explanation of the Icelandic alphabet which included the _&_ as a letter.

    The author of the article explained this by noting that _&_ was used
    occasionally in manuscripts to spell _et_ in Icelandic words.

    Jim Allan

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