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Date: Mon Jul 14 2003 - 05:15:55 EDT

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    You understand Unicode well enough by now, to know that this is an abhorent

    As the characters can be represented in Unicode by using Cyrillic plus
    combining diacriticals, to create a proprietary set of codes in the Private
    Use Area would introduce incompatibilities with other applications that
    support these characters in the recommended form. Following your
    recommendation would cause searching, sorting and interchange of Vladimir's
    data to fail in applications that properly support these characters. And it is
    likely difficult to get other applications to buy into supporting a
    proprietary solution. It is easier to address the rendering problem that
    Vladimir has than to unravel the mess your suggestion would create. It isn't
    even a good recommendation for short term use.

    Did I miss something? Why are you recommending the PUA for this use?


    William Overington wrote:
    > A possibly useful thing to do would be to make a list of those characters
    > which you which to produce which are not already encoded as precomposed
    > characters in Unicode, sort them into alphabetical order and publish a list
    > of them with code point assignments in the Private Use Area starting at
    > U+EF00.
    > This would mean that fonts could be produced with each of those precomposed
    > glyphs accessible from a Private Use Area code point.
    > Please know that you can use any code points in the Private Use Area which
    > you choose, yet I am suggesting U+EF00 upwards so that the code points would
    > be consistent with my suggested use of the Private Use Area for interactive
    > television broadcasts.
    > For producing graphics files for the web or for local hardcopy printing it
    > would be possible to use those glyphs directly from the Private Use Area,
    > thereby producing an elegant graphic. As Unicode code point information is
    > not placed in a graphic when lettering is added to a graphic, the result
    > would not show that the Private Use Area had been used.

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