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From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Mon Jul 14 2003 - 14:13:07 EDT

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    On Monday, July 14, 2003 5:34 AM, Mark Davis <> wrote:

    > ...
    > > Of course
    > > Java already includes some parts of ICU, but other things are in
    > > ICU4J are difficult now to integrate in Java, simply because IBM
    > > forgot to modularize ICU so that it can be integrated slowly.
    > > Accepting ICU4J as part of the core is a big decision choice,
    > > because ICU4J is quite large, and there are certainly developers
    > > for Java that would not accept to have 1 aditional MB of data and
    > > classes loaded in each JVM (particularly because the integration
    > > of ICU would affect a lot of core classes for the Java2 platform
    > > now also used for small devices).
    > ...
    > > For example, it is impossible to integrate the ICU's Normalizer
    > > class in Java without also importing the UChar class and all its
    > > related services for UString, such as transliterators, and
    > ...
    > You are very misinformed about ICU4J.

    I hae tried several times to do it. It does not work: you may
    effectively remove some tables your don't need, but trying
    to extract just the normalizer is a real nightmare. I tried it
    in the past, and abondonned: too tricky to maintain, and I
    retried it recently (one month ago, from its CVS source) and
    this was even worse than the first time.

    I know that there's now a recent announcement (less than 1
    month ago) for its modularization, but it's true that I did not
    check the new "modularized" sources. So my application
    of ICU4J is still only when I can accept the whole package,
    as maintaining a stripped-down customization is too tricky.

    But may be this has changed, I just updated my ICU sources
    from CVS. I'll recheck it to see if a "ICU Light" version can be
    created (which would only keep the core features, without the
    support for tailoring rules compiled at run-time).

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