Re: Combining diacriticals and Cyrillic

Date: Tue Jul 15 2003 - 10:06:20 EDT

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    William Overington wrote on 07/15/2003 07:22:22 AM:

    > No, the Private Use Area codes would not be used for interchange, only
    > locally for producing an elegant display in such applications as chose to
    > use them. Other applications could ignore their existence.

    Then why do you persist in public discussion of suggested codepoints for
    such purposes? If it is for local, proprietary use internal to some
    implementation, then the only one who needs to know, think or care about
    these codepoints is the person creating that implementation.

    > Publishing a list of Private Use Area code points would

    have absolutely no purpose at all.

    > mean that such
    > display could be produced using a choice of fonts from various font
    > using the same software

    Now you are talking interchange. Interchange means more than just person A
    sends a document to person B. It means that person A's document works with
    person B's software using person C's font. (An alternate term that is often
    used, interoperate, makes this clearer.)

    > I feel that an important thing to remember is the dividing line between
    > is in Unicode and what is in particular advanced format font technology
    > solutions

    And best practice for advanced format font technologies eschews PUA
    codepoints for glyph processing. You've been told that several times by
    people who have expertise in advanced font technologies, an area in which
    you are not deeply knowledgable or experienced, by your own admission.

    > yet they are not suitable for platforms such as Windows 95 and
    > Windows 98, whereas a eutocode typography file approach would be suitable
    > for those platforms and for various other platforms.

    Wm, if someone wanted, they could create an advanced font technology to
    work on DOS, but why bother? Who's going to create all the new software
    that works with that technology, and make it to work within the limitations
    of a DOS system? Your idea is at best a mental exercise, and even if you or
    someone else built an implementation, what is not needed is some public
    agreement on PUA codepoints for use in glyph processing.

    > I am hoping that the eutocode typography file approach with display
    > added into the Private Use Area will be a useful technique in many areas,
    > including, yet not limited to, interactive broadcasting.

    If your ideas were to get used in some area like interactive broadcasting,
    the use of PUA codepoints for rendering purposes would be relevant to that
    technology, and out of scope for discussion on this list.

    - Peter

    Peter Constable

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