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From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Tue Jul 15 2003 - 12:39:51 EDT

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    On 15/07/2003 08:18, John Cowan wrote:

    > ... Or consider Fraktur I and J capitals.
    >The name of Rudolf von Ihering, the great 19th-century German
    >jurisprudent, is frequently transliterated (there is no other word)
    It is still common e.g. on road signs in Germany today to see capital I
    represented, in a sans-serif script, by a glyph looking more like J.
    Confusing at first, but at least it is distinct from small L. I'm not
    sure if there are actually separate I and J glyphs in such a script. But
    then J was originally a glyph variant of I, and only quite recently in
    English have they been fully distinguished as letters. In Italian the
    distinction is still not clear, I understand, and the same town name can
    be spelled as Iesi or Jesi.

    Peter Kirk

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