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Date: Wed Jul 16 2003 - 08:34:04 EDT

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    If CENELEC wishes to standardize a set of icons, they will do so. If
    they have a need to interchange data using those icons, they will (if
    they are wise) come to us an ask to encode them. If they want to use
    the Private Use Area before they do that, they will.

    Please don't tell us all about it over and over again, as you have
    done. If you want to talk to CENELEC, do so. Please stop trying to
    peddle your PUA schemes for CENELEC to us.

    I maintain the ConScript Unicode Registry, which contains PUA
    assignments. I do not promulgate those on this list. (Apart from that
    fun testing of the Phaistos implementation some time ago.)

    Roozbeh and I assigned two unencoded characters for Afghanistan to
    the PUA, and we encourage implementors to use them until such time as
    the characters are encoded.

    We do not spend oceans of digital ink evangelizing our brilliant
    schemes to the Unicode list.

    >It is essentially a matter for end users of the system, just as the
    >two Private Use Area characters being suggested in another thread of
    >this forum in relation to Afghanistan are a matter for end users of
    >the Unicode Standard and does not affect the content of the Unicode
    >Standard itself.

    Then go talk about it with the users of the system.

    >Code points for the symbols are needed now or in the near future.

    Are they? By whom? And if they need to use the PUA, they can do so.
    It's Private.

    >It remains to be seen what will be decided as the built-in font for the
    >European Union implementation of the DVB-MHP specification. It might be the
    >minimum font of the DVB-MHP specification or it might be more comprehensive.
    >For example, should Greek characters be included? Should weather symbols be
    >included? These and many other issues remain to be decided.

    The minimum font for any specification for Europe should be the
    MES-2. If you are talking to these people, tell them.

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