Re: [OT] French Government Bans the Term 'E-Mail'

From: John Cowan (
Date: Mon Jul 21 2003 - 00:37:32 EDT

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    Patrick Andries scripsit:

    > Obviously, the AP has found someone to say it is artificial. Actually, a
    > study made by the Quebec linguist Marie-Éva de Villers(*) shows that
    > newspapers (like Le Monde) in France as in Québec tend to use more and more
    > the term now preferred by the French government.

    I'm also glad to learn the French for "portmanteau word", viz.
    "forme télescopique". The former term was devised by Lewis Carroll for
    his coinages "chortle" (chuckle+snort) and "galumph" (gallop+triumph).
    Modern examples are "brunch" (breakfast+lunch), "smog" (smoke+fog), and
    "Chunnel" (Channel+tunnel).

    John Cowan
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