Re: [OT] French Government Bans the Term 'E-Mail'

From: Pim Blokland (
Date: Mon Jul 21 2003 - 16:21:51 EDT

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    Philippe Verdy schreef:

    > I'm not sure that even all English users appreciate the computer
    > related jargon and acronyms that their geek developers want to
    > force them to learn and use.

    Hm... Personally I feel just the opposite. I think the computer
    industry has taken too many normal words and forced new meanings
    upon them. Words like program, compiler, desktop, window, folder,
    mouse, &c., all have been cast into new roles; all were once
    unambiguous, but nowadays they need more clarification if their
    meaning is not clear from the context.
    So I don't mind new, ICT-specific words like email one bit!

    Pim Blokland

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