Re: Vurtual Keyboard!

From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Thu Jul 24 2003 - 08:03:21 EDT

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    On 24/07/2003 04:33, wrote:

    > Dear Forum Members,
    > I have got some other problems,
    > We were in the way to develop the multiuser software and I am struck
    > with the following problems:
    > How to map the code values of the key boards with the code values for
    > the alphabet given with different Code pages of any scripts such as
    > devanagari, gujarati etc.
    > It would be better if any sample program is available for making
    > virtual keyboard by maping code values of the keyboards and any
    > particular languages.
    > with regards,
    > Rajesh

    If you are using Windows, you might like to look at Keyman 6, from This is a free download for personal use. There are
    also freely downloadable keyboard drivers for some Indian languages, or
    you can write your own using Keyman Developer (not free).

    Peter Kirk

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