Re: [OT?] LCD/LED Keyboard

From: Benjamin Peterson (
Date: Fri Jul 25 2003 - 04:19:21 EDT

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    Of course! LCDs!

    The trouble with zero-travel keyboards, both the completely horrible (in
    my opinion) projection type and the much more interesting TouchStream
    type, has been that despite the great configurability, you can't touch
    type on them. With LCD keycaps, my dream of using the Dvorak, TRON and
    kanchoku keyboard layouts alternately could finally become a reality!

    Of course, such an innovation would be wasted on an awkward flat keyboard
    base. Make one shaped like a kinesis Contour keyboard.

    Why, I'd pay a good $500 for such a beast, which I'm sure would go some
    way toward offsetting the development and manufacturing costs :/


      Benjamin Peterson

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