RE: Hebrew hataf vowels (was: About CGJ)

From: Kent Karlsson (
Date: Fri Jul 25 2003 - 07:51:39 EDT

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    John Hudson quoted and wrote:

    > >But what should be done when meteg is expected to be in the
    > middle? One
    > >thought was to encode hataf_vowel - CGJ - meteg, but this is
    > not suitable
    > >if CGJ is not supposed to promote ligation. Perhaps it is
    > better to note
    > >that with the hataf vowels the ligature is the default, and
    > so expect
    > >hataf_vowel - meteg to be rendered as the ligature. Then in
    > the relatively
    > >few cases where the ligation is not required CGJ can be
    > inserted, i.e.
    > >hataf_vowel - CGJ - meteg, to suppress the ligation. Is this
    > is a valid
    > >use of CGJ?
    > No, this is a valid use of ZWNJ.
    > This is what currently works:
    > Left meteg follows vowel (excepting hataf vowel, see below)
    > Right meteg precedes vowel (including hataf vowel)*
    > Hataf medial meteg follows vowel but is automatically ligated
    > in the font
    > lookups (this is the default behaviour because it is the most
    > common case)
    > If you want the meteg to appear to the left of a hataf vowel
    > you insert a
    > ZWNJ to prevent the ligation: hataf vowel + ZWNJ + meteg

    Meteg is a combining character, so you have applied a combining
    character to a control character (ZWNJ). While of course "legal", it is
    not at all well-defined in Unicode what that should mean. Other,
    already defined, uses of ZWNJ always have a base character after
    the ZWNJ.

                    /kent k

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