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    > >>What was the consensus in the SII on how the holam vav vowel
    > >>should be
    > >>encoded? And what is the normal practice in Israel and for pointed
    > >>modern Hebrew? Is that holam encoded after the vav or before it?
    > >>
    > >>
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    > >After.
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    > But consider the seventh word in Jeremiah 52:19, which, as you would
    > encode it, ends qof hiriq yod zaqef-qatan vav holam tav.
    > (This hiriq yod
    > vav holam sequence is in fact unique in the WTS Bible text.) In this
    > case, is the yod a consonant followed by a holam-vav vowel, or is the
    > hiriq-yod a vowel followed by a consonantal vav and a simple holam
    > vowel? (How would this actually be pronounced in modern
    > Hebrew, with a V
    > sound of not?) BHS prints holam above the right side of vav, implying
    > that the holam-vav is understood as a vowel, and has a footnote that
    > many manuscripts and editions have a dagesh in the yod, which
    > makes this
    > understanding unambiguous.

    It is a Holam, rather than Vav Haluma, i.e. a vowel. The Dagesh doesn't make
    a difference.

    The pronunciation raises no difficulty, even when presented without points,
    as it is a feminine plural.

    In my bible it is the 14th word. The Maqaf only affects the pronunciation,
    not the word count. Otherwise the word count would change when the text is
    marked up with the Maqaf.


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