Re: Yerushala(y)im - or Biblical Hebrew

From: John Cowan (
Date: Mon Jul 28 2003 - 17:49:29 EDT

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    > If the "expected test results" are bad data, it shouldn't matter then
    > if it is consistent. Are you saying that somewhere there are lots
    > of people who have worked very hard to implement Hebrew as it is
    > currently described in Unicode 3 and they would have to "start over" if
    > we changed the canonical order? And the biggest fear is that the data
    > today won't be consistent with the data in the new order? My point
    > is that there *is* no data today, because anyone who has attempted
    > to produce biblical Hebrew data in the current canonical order would
    > have stopped and said "Wait a minute! This won't work".

    The reason not to change has nothing to do with Hebrew data and everything
    to do with maintaining stability. Please review the recent archives.

    > I don't think we can use it to fix meteg, a mark which occurs in
    > three different positions around a low vowel, yet is canonically ordered
    > before the shin/sin dots! Will we put one CGJ on the right to indicate
    > a right meteg and one on the left to indicate a left meteg?

    No, something different is needed here. We may need more metegs.

    > There are many other examples of problems with the current
    > canonical order.

    Please specify them! We can't find solutiosn for problems that we don't
    know about.

    > The apparent simplest solution to all the problems is to correct the
    > canonical order.

    It's only *apparently* the simplest solution.

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