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From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Tue Jul 29 2003 - 11:47:55 EDT

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    On 29/07/2003 07:58, Michael Everson wrote:

    > At 07:31 -0700 2003-07-29, Peter Kirk wrote:
    >> I don't think you French Canadians would be very happy if accented
    >> upper case vowels were removed from Unicode because they are not used
    >> in France.
    > This isn't true. They *are* used in France.

    OK, but isn't there some difference in usage? Anyway, this was only
    intended as an example, and one which didn't work as I had hoped with

    Another example might be German ß (U+00DF). Many people don't use it,
    indeed I think it has been officially abolished, but many others do use
    it. Suppose that it wasn't already in Unicode, and someone suggested it
    shouldn't be added but should be encoded as ss with markup. I don't
    think that would be acceptable to those who still use it. But the case
    for ß is weaker than for holam vav as ß is not phonetically distinct
    from ss but holam vav is pronounced very differently from vav plus holam.

    Peter Kirk

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