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Date: Tue Jul 29 2003 - 11:52:04 EDT

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    Peter Kirk posted:

    > I don't think you French Canadians would be very happy if accented upper
    > case vowels were removed from Unicode because they are not used in
    > France. (I must find some way to divide you from the real French

    But accented upper case vowels are used in France.

    from the French Academy and the recommendation from the Chicago Manual
    of Style at

    I suppose there may be a very few style sheets for French that still
    want them omitted.

    One silly rule that emerges occasionally can be found at and

    << We use accents on capital letters, but capital A does not take a
    grave accent. >>

    One the other hand, dropping diacritics from names or text written in
    all uppercase is considered acceptable in Quebec French (and I suspect
    also in France) dating from old addressograph technology and billing
    typewriter technology where capital letters alone were available and
    diacritics were not normally included as part of the character set.

    Jim Allan

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