Re: Back to Hebrew - Vav Holam

From: Karljürgen Feuerherm (
Date: Tue Jul 29 2003 - 19:37:12 EDT

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    Peter Kirk wrote:

    > On 29/07/2003 13:03, Karljürgen Feuerherm wrote:
    > >>Otherwise we
    > >>would write Karlj<fronted>u</fronted>rgen or the like.
    > >>
    > >>
    > >
    > >Actually, that would have been preferable to the way some of my official
    > >actually appears.... :(

    > And probably to what some software does with it. One of your recent
    > messages to this list came with the following line in its source:
    > From: =?8859_1?B?S2FybGr8cmdlbg==?= Feuerherm <>
    > and Mozilla renders that version of your first name as a Chinese
    character, 翽!

    I wonder whether it is a positive character or a negative one....

    Seriously, even simple things seem to still be a problem. When I use Hotmail
    directly (which I try to avoid now except when away from home) it replaces
    the ü in my name with a 1/4 symbol.... One would think that ü is
    sufficiently simple not to be mucked up in today's day and age, but no....


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