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From: John Cowan (
Date: Wed Jul 30 2003 - 16:46:48 EDT

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    Peter Kirk scripsit:

    > Yes, graphically. The orthographic rules for shifting holam on to a
    > following alef are identical to those for shifting it on to a following
    > vav, except that because the alef is wide no one confuses the two
    > positions, and no one gives a special name to alef plus right side
    > holam.

    Okay. So dalet followed by vav-right-holam is read "do", and the vav is a
    mater lectionis, whereas dalet followed by vav-left-holam would be read
    "dvo", correct? But presumably the latter case cannot happen with alef,
    because dalet-alef can't represent a consonant cluster. Or can it?

    > So do we create a problem where there isn't one by adhering to the
    > principle which the same Jony just enounced, that:
    > >the marks follow the base character

    In the case of alef, this can be treated as a pure rendering effect, because
    there isn't any contrastive case (I hope) with dalet followed by alef-left-holam.

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