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From: Ted Hopp (
Date: Thu Jul 31 2003 - 10:57:42 EDT

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    Peter, thanks for the example of a medial meteg from BHS. I have one text
    that shows the same meteg (Lev. 21:10) to the right of the hataf patah, and
    several that have no meteg at all, but none where I've been able to find a
    medial or left meteg on a hataf vowel.

    I'm wondering: are there examples of individual texts where metegs on hataf
    vowels vary in position? For instance, in BHS, which clearly uses a medial
    meteg, does the meteg also appear at times on the right or the left of a
    hataf vowel? I'm wondering if this isn't just a style issue that need not be
    handled by Unicode at all.


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