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Date: Mon Aug 04 2003 - 18:09:05 EDT

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    The ZWSP and Word Joiner (plus ZWNBSP in its discouraged usage) are
    targeted specifically at encouraging or avoiding *line break*. Their
    names may be misleading; people intending to use them for any other
    function should carefully read the sections of the Unicode Standard
    that discuss their usage.

    Your particular case has nothing really to do with line break; these
    would be inappropriate usages unless the UTC were to decide to extend
    the usage model for these characters (which I would not expect).

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    > On 04/08/2003 13:39, Kenneth Whistler wrote:
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    > >In other words, if what you need is to glue things together,
    > >i.e. a zero width no-break space *function*, then use
    > >U+2060. If what you need is a BOM for the encoding scheme
    > >specifications, then use U+FEFF.
    > >
    > >What is *discouraged*, but not prohibited, of course, is
    > >using U+FEFF for a zero width no-break space *function*,
    > >precisely because that interacts so confusingly with
    > >the BOM.
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    > >--Ken
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    > And what if you need a ZWNBS function for something other than
    > things together? For example, as a carrier for a string or line
    > diacritical mark when no spacing is required? This is one of the
    > suggestions for some of the Hebrew problems, but I have had no
    > to my suggestion of using U+2060, which is inappropriately named for
    > function I have in mind.
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    > Peter Kirk

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